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R.P.E.A.  Chapter 032

Santa Rosa, CA

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RPEA - Mission Statement

“We are active and retired California public employees working together to maintain and improve the quality of the lives of our members by protecting and improving retirement, medical and other benefits”

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  Our Chapter General / Luncheon  meetings are held the  2nd   Thursday of:

           February ; April ; June ; October ; December

  The Luncheon meetings presently are held, at: CARROWS  Restaurant at 3441 Cleveland Ave, Santa Rosa, CA -  Social   time:  11:30 am -  11:55 am, Lunch & Meeting: Noon  

  The Chapter Board of Directors meetings are held the  2nd   Thursday of:

            January ; March ; May ; September  ; November

     location: CARROWS Restaurant , 3441 Cleveland Ave.

Santa Rosa, CA

                   Chapter Officers   2016 - 2018

            President:                         Paul Tamboury *

            Vice President:                   Shirley Moore                            

            Secretary:                         Susan Tamboury

            Treasurer:                        Susan Tamboury

            Membership Chair:            Shirley Moore

            Hospitality Co-Chairs:      Susan Tamboury

                                                      Evelyn Gurevitch

            Legislative Chair:              -  Vacant -

            Sunshine Chair:                  Suzanne Jensen

            Board Member:               Dolores Seymour

            Chaplain:                           Verne Avila

            Immed. Past President:      Mary Dorrough


                            *Area Director I   -   Newsletter Editor   -   Webmaster:                                                                 Paul Tamboury                           


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